electrochromic glass that tints automatically


SageGlass represents nothing less than a fundamental shift in the way we experience buildings—the ultimate connector between our built and natural environments. Come discover the benefits of tintable electrochromic glass.


By reducing glare and heat while letting natural light in, you can create better thermal and visual comfort and enjoy increased health and well-being.

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Without blinds or shades, you can experience the beauty of the outdoors and enjoy windows the way they are meant to be enjoyed.

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Achieve green labels with our sustainable solutions that enhance users’ comfort, health and well-being and helps to improve the environment while being cost efficient.

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Instead of letting the sun dictate decisions, enhance design freedom for architects with innovative technology.

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Dynamic Glass Products

SageGlass doesn’t just improve buildings, it inspires a new way of thinking about glass. By creating a product that tints on demand and improves the human experience in a built environment, we’ve revolutionized the purpose and possibilities of glass.

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Benefits of Electrochromic Glass

Electrochromic glass can reduce costs for building owners, increase energy efficiency and improve occupant comfort. But the benefits don’t end there—check out our FAQ section to learn what else is possible with SageGlass.

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SageGlass Portfolio

Learn how SageGlass responds dynamically to solar control and see the range of different industries that have benefited from our technology, including Healthcare, Higher Education, Commercial Offices and Cultural Institutions.

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Saint-Gobain: Innovation Leader

From the glass mirrors in the Palace of Versailles to the glass pyramid at the Louvre, Saint-Gobain has been a world leader in human advancement and improvement for over 350 years. Today SageGlass carries this heritage of innovation into the future.

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In full-tint mode, SageGlass blocks 99% of visible light, giving you virtually complete protection from the sun’s harshest glare.

SageGlass allows for thermal and visual comfort while reducing energy demand

Whether a façade is in clear mode or fully tinted, SageGlass gives the entire building a clean and consistent appearance without blinds or shades.

SageGlass is easy to use and helps create a functional interior space by controlling heat gain and glare. This is a great addition to our product portfolio and specialty glazing offerings.

Eric Spohn, President Spohn Associates

Using SageGlass was a smart decision. It was easy to handle and install.

Tom Thompson, President Thompson Glass, Inc.

Outside, the visual effect is quite dramatic as the tinting moves in concert with the sun. The design conveys a sense of state-of-the-art building technology. Inside, the glass reacts to the sun and creates a comfortable space without the occupants noticing it.

Doug Elting, Architecte Visions in Architecture

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SageGlass allows architects to design environments that offer an unobstructed connection to the natural world and all the health and comfort benefits that come with it.


SageGlass is backed by 350 years of building science expertise that only Saint-Gobain, the world leader in sustainable environments, can provide.


SageGlass is a leader in electrochromic glass—in 1989, we were the first to develop this technology.


SageGlass was first installed in a California hospital in 2003. Since then, we have installed electrochromic glass in many projects and iconic buildings worldwide.


When you choose SageGlass, we’re with you from start to finish and beyond, providing not just customer service, but a true partnership.