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Survey on the Value of Comfort in the Workplace

May. 17, 2018

The conference circuit abounds with new research demonstrating the link between indoor environments and occupant impacts. This growing body of research increases our understanding and can ultimately inform how we design, operate and maintain better buildings for people. Something that can be lost amidst all this talk are answers to a simple question: what do today’s office workers think about how their office environment impacts them?

To answer this question, SageGlass and Saint Gobain jointly commissioned a survey of 400 office workers across the US, to hear from them directly1.  The data demonstrates the value people place on some key drivers of comfort, and their perceived benefits, but also show that we have a long way to go in order to deliver what people want. Below are some highlights from this survey data, as well as corresponding infographics.

For those who claim to get sunlight at work:

  • 41% feel more relaxed
  • 47% feel more energized
  • 28% feel more productive
  • 68% feel their mood improve

Click here for the infographic

That’s the good news, unfortunately not enough people get the sunlight they want:

  • 90% would prefer to work near sunlight, but only 36% have access to sunlight from their workspace
  • 65% of those with access to sunlight are blocking it blinds at least some of the workday, and of those:
    • 23% are disappointed they are missing sunlight
    • 19% feel less energized
    • 17% feel their mood decline

Click here for the infographic

Workplace dissatisfaction extends beyond sunlight

  • 47% experience stale air and perceived poor air quality
  • 73% feel too cool, and 63% feel too warm (which begs the question "is anyone happy?")
  • 72% find the overall lighting atmosphere irritating or distracting
  • 65% are distracted by excess noise

Click here for the infographic

The data is sobering as well as illuminating. What people want and value is clear, we just need to deliver it.


1 Survey conducted by Amplitude Research Inc., surveying 400 team members in the US between March 22 and April 1, 2016

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