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Enhancing the air travel experience by improving comfort

Ahoo Malekafzali, PhD, Senior Technical Solutions Consultant
Jan. 9, 2019
Whitepaper on enhancing the air travel experience by improving comfort

Airports are increasingly focused on improving the passenger experience. While there are many reasons for this, one key business driver stands out: happier people spend more than unhappy ones. Airports are increasingly looking to grow their bottom line through non-aeronautical revenue, so creating happier travelers is a business imperative. In our latest white paper, "Enhancing the Air Travel Experience: How Dynamic Glass Creates More Comfortable Spaces in Airports", we explain the connection between passenger comfort and passenger experience. We also provide data showing how to better understand and manage comfort in airports, as well as the role dynamic glass plays in this effort. We think those involved in the design, construction and operation of airports will find this white paper a useful resource as they seek to create airports that enhance the passenger experience.

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