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CONTINUING EDUCATION: An Introduction to Electrochromic Glass

Dec. 13, 2018
CONTINUING EDUCATION: An Introduction to Electrochromic Glass


For architects seeking a unique solar control solution that is visually appealing and sustainable, electrochromic glass may be the right fit for your upcoming project. Electrochromic glass (EC) can be utilized in a variety of building types— from higher education facilities to airports and hospitals to provide occupants with a more comfortable indoor environment free from heat gain and glare that offers unobstructed outdoor views.

However, before pursuing this solution, you may be interested in learning more about how it works, its benefit to building occupants, and overall performance. That’s why we’ve developed the following accredited continuing education courses to provide you with a helpful introduction to EC glass.

Electrochromic Glass Continuing Education Credits for Architects

Topics covered include:

  • Performance of EC glass and how it can achieve energy performance, daylight, views, and human comfort
  • Aesthetic performance of electrochromic glazing as compared to conventional solar control solutions
  • How EC glass benefits building occupants
  • How EC systems can be controlled to meet energy performance and user comfort needs
  • Key aspects of zoning EC glass

Find the right continuing education credits for you: