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Achieving neutral color rendering with electrochromic glass

May. 17, 2018

Are you wondering about the impact of electrochromic glazings on the color aspect indoors? Are you wondering whether it is possible to maintain a neutral color rendering with this type of technology? Do you have questions on the way to measure this parameter, and the good practices to apply to achieve a good visual comfort?

Look no further! Here is a short memo that will answer all your questions!

Click here to access to the memo entitled  "Achieving neutral color rendering in spaces with SageGlass"

In the case you'd like to go further and get additional scientific detailed explanations, there is a very complete white paper from J. Mardaljevic, an expert in daylighting and researcher and teacher at Loughborough University (UK), on maintaining a neutral color rendering in spaces equipped with electrochromic glazings.

The document integrates an enlightening first part on the basic notions related to light and color. The second part then provides guidelines on the design and operation of eletrochromic glazing in a space, in order to keep a good neutrality of the daylight spectrum. Those guidelines are drawn from a series of measurements and calculations conducted in the frame of the De Montfort University's research project, which we addressed in a previous blog "Pioneer study on Electrochromic Glazing's Effects on Building Occupants".

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