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SAGE Advice: Senior Project Manager Maure Creager

By: SageGlass

Nov. 3, 2016

We’re pleased to introduce you to Senior Project Manager Maure Creager. Maure has been with SageGlass since 2004 and addresses clients’ energy management and United States Green Building Council’s LEED certification questions.

Q: How has your role at SageGlass evolved?

I initially started with SageGlass, or SAGE as we called it back then, in product development, but as we moved from R&D to real-world production, I quickly moved into determining how we could best integrate SageGlass into the architectural glazing market. It was an extremely exciting and challenging time at SAGE; we were moving forward quickly, learning how our product needed to perform, both on the electrochromics and the physical attributes (IGU pigtail, glass configuration, etc.) to best suit the customer’s needs and wants. When it was time to build the next manufacturing plant, I spent a couple of years, from 2010 to 2013, solely focused on implementing the front-end side of EMS software that we now use to run our new factory. This portion of the system controls everything from providing price quotes and available componentry to order entry and shipment. SageGlass is not a commodity product, so it was interesting to try to fit our custom glass product into a commodity based system! I am currently working with our Architectural Solutions team to improve process efficiencies and ensure strong customer satisfaction and am also assisting with the pre-sales process. As our LEED AP, I also work to answer customers’ specific questions on energy management as well as LEED certification.

Q: How would you describe SageGlass’ company culture?

One word, “Evolving!” It’s amazing, and I am so thankful we are fully owned by Saint-Gobain.  I absolutely love how they strive to improve our quality of life and environment. There are days I miss the small “startup” feel, but it is fun to see our growth and ever changing dynamic. There are still some of us that have been here since our factory two locations ago; there are some who joined SAGE when we were acquired by Saint-Gobain; and there are others that have joined recently due to growth needs. There is a diverse way of thinking among our team because we all come from different backgrounds. I don’t feel we have a set culture because we are always looking ahead. 

Q: How do you believe SageGlass is contributing to overall sustainability in the built environment?

Part of our goal is to advocate for daylight, exterior views and thermal comfort for building occupants. SageGlass can help people feel better when they are inside by allowing them to always be able to see out a window, whether it’s raining or snowing or bright and sunny. Having a connection to the outdoors makes a huge difference. And, by reducing the cooling energy load, we also help reduce a building’s carbon footprint. 

Q: What do you view as the future of the dynamic glass industry?

Obviously, I’d love to see our glass used everywhere instead of static glass or traditional shading devices.  We are a ways off from that goal, but we are moving closer as it becomes the norm to create high- performance buildings. As our buildings become more technologically connected, there will be even greater demand for real-time data. Every morning I wake up and open the blinds in our kitchen dining area so I can look outside and enjoy the sunrise. And, every morning as my kids are eating breakfast they beg me to close the blinds because they are blinded by the sunlight. I can’t wait for that to be a thing of the past. We hear similar stories from building occupants – and it is rewarding to hear them thank us after SageGlass is installed. So we’re making progress! 

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