Benefits of Dynamic Glass

SageGlass doesn't just improve buildings—it inspires a new way of thinking about glass. By creating a product that tints on demand and improves the human experience in a built environment, we've revolutionized the purpose and possibilities of glass.

Occupant Comfort

By reducing glare and heat while letting natural light in, you can create better thermal and visual comfort and enjoy increased health and well-being.

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Outdoor Connection

Without blinds or shades, you can experience the beauty of the outdoors and enjoy windows the way they are meant to be enjoyed.

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Achieve green labels with our sustainable solutions that enhance users’ comfort, health and well-being and helps to improve the environment while being cost efficient.

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Design Possibilities

Instead of letting the sun dictate decisions, enhance design freedom for architects with innovative technology.

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Innovative Smart Glass Technology

As the leader in electrochromic technology, our award-winning product is revolutionizing what glass can do in the built environment.

How SageGlass Works

Comfort Zones

Electrochromic technology gives SageGlass the power to tint on demand—from a darkened state that absorbs and reradiates away the sun’s unwanted heat and glare, to a clear state that maximizes daylight and solar energy.

  • Lightzone™

    Only SageGlass provides you with the ability to create up to three tint zones within a single pane of glass, so you can let in exactly the right amount of light and block the sun only where it needs to be blocked.

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  • Dynamic Tinting

    Customized light-zoning strategies can use dynamic controls to track the sun as it moves across the sky, so that occupants can always strike the ideal balance between comfort and daylighting.

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Intelligent Glass Control System

The dynamic tinting of SageGlass products is driven by an intelligent control system that uses sensors to tint automatically in response to light conditions. We provide multiple means of control to meet various customer preferences.

  • Automation & Integration

    All SageGlass products can be tinted and cleared using automatic settings or seamless integration with the existing building management system.

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  • Mobile controls

    In addition to traditional wall switches, you can use our mobile app to fine-tune tint zones and save predefined scene settings for specific lighting effects from anywhere in the building—wherever and whenever you want.

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  • Voice Control

    Integration with voice control devices, like the Amazon Echo, provides occupants with additional flexibility so they can control the dynamic tinting of the glass via voice command.

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Building Sustainability

While dynamic glass provides significant advantages for architects and builders, the most tangible and human benefits of SageGlass products are felt in the everyday use of the spaces they surround.
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    By sustaining eco-friendly building interiors and conserving energy, SageGlass can help your project earn green labels such as LEED certification and more.

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    It takes less electricity to operate 1,000 square feet of SageGlass than it does to power a single 60-watt light bulb.

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    Because SageGlass maximizes solar energy and minimizes heat and glare, cost savings add up over a building’s life cycle, reducing overall energy loads by an average of 20% and peak energy demand by up to 26%.

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    SageGlass has been tested across a range of harsh conditions, outperforming in durability tests by independent third-party organizations like the U.S. Department of Energy.

Design Possibilities

With the flexibility to fit into almost any design and the technology to go beyond the limits of shades and blinds, SageGlass products are changing what glass means to architects and building owners.


    Perfect for projects that require non-rectangular shapes such as trapezoid, parallelogram and triangle.

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    We offer rectangular panes as large as 6’ x 10’ (1.8m x 3m).

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    We provide you with industry-leading color options, including clear, blue, green, gray and more.

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  • Configuration

    Multiple glass makeups are available for different applications, including both double and triple pane units.

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