Valley Christian Center (USA)

An independent, Bible-based, non-denominational organization installs SageGlass® to provide an open and comfortable sanctuary that connects congregants with the outdoors.

The Valley Christian Center (VCC) in Dublin, California, sits perched atop a hill with 360-degree views of the San Francisco Bay Area. For its sanctuary’s eastern-facing, 700-square-foot wall, the VCC is using dynamic SageGlass to control sun glare and minimize unwanted solar heat gain. Electronically tintable SageGlass automatically darkens or clears in response to the sun’s movement, helping the VCC achieve its design goal of creating an inspiring and open spiritual setting. Congregants are able to enjoy a sanctuary full of natural light without the discomfort of solar challenges.

The VCC’s sanctuary also serves as a performance art center, used for watching videos and stage performances. With just the touch of a button, SageGlass can be tinted down to just one percent of visible light transmission to create a space conducive to these special events.

By preserving the Center’s beautiful views, SageGlass has helped VCC accomplish its goal of connecting congregants with the outdoors and the city it overlooks to add spiritual inspiration.

Project architects and the VCC building committee evaluated a variety of sun control solutions, including mechanical blinds and shades, but these options would have negated the design objectives of an open worship space.

LOCATION: Dublin, California

ARCHITECT: Goring & Straia Architects

PHOTOGRAPHY: Risedorph Photography

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