Swiss International Scientific School, Dubai (UAE)

Enjoy the view, save energy and boost the learning capabilities thanks to SageGlass®

The Swiss International Scientific School in Dubai (SISD) is home to over 2,000 students, including 350 international boarding places, and has made their well-being a priority. The design of its eco-friendly campus has been developed by experts in energy optimisation of buildings. Filled with natural light, its spacious classrooms, libraries and laboratories are all designed to engage the children and encourage learning. 


Wish for sustainability and environment conducive to education

The Swiss International Scientific School in Dubai has been constructed with the aim to provide students with a comfortable and healthy interior climate which would support the students through their learning journey, and help them achieve their best.

Moreover, the school wanted to obtain MINERGIE label, a renowned Swiss certificate for the pursuit of sustainable standards, and maximise the potential of its location by maintaining the stunning view on the Dubai skyline.


SageGlass® boosts productivity, comfort and energy savings

Electronically tintable glazing SageGlass was selected for its ability to answer all these needs. By managing the sunlight and heat that enter the building, SageGlass significantly reduces energy consumption and need for HVAC, while improving people’s comfort and well-being.

It provides the occupiers with a space that connects to the natural environment, which has been shown to boost productivity and satisfaction in the workplace.

“Innovative products like SageGlass are helping to create beautiful spaces that also improve the overall health and well-being of building occupants. From our offices, we can enjoy the wonderful view of the Dubai skyline, even when the sun is shining directly on our windows.” says Joe Barchini. “We want to attract dynamic educators and staff, so we have to offer working spaces that align with our values of social responsibility and sustainability. SageGlass’ unparalleled ability to enhance the indoor experience for occupants made it the perfect fit for this project”.


Confortable working environment and green award thanks to SageGlass®

The inclusion of SageGlass® in the project provides the occupants with a more comfortable working environment and greater connection to the outdoors, supporting the school founders’ vision to transform the traditional ideals of school buildings. 

SISD is the first ever purpose built building in a desert climate to be awarded MINERGIE label.

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  • Project
  • Architect: DSA Architects
  • Client: SISD
  • General contractor: Al Ahmadiah Contracting&Trading
  • Project Management: Hepher Project management DMCC
  • Product
  • SageGlass Climaplus Classic
  • Lightzones: 3
  • Photographer
  • A. Romero
With this dynamic glazing on the façade of our building, we’re setting the precedent for environmental responsibility in an educational environment, and Saint-Gobain and SageGlass are an integral part of our vision.

Joe Barchini, Partner and COOSwiss International Scientific School

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