Bellavista eye clinic, Speicher (Switzerland)

Bellavista Eye Clinic's new build in Speicher, Switzerland, nestles in the landscape. With its three kinked flexures, the building, made of black fair-faced concrete, follows the topography of the slope. Despite its size, it remains airy, as a strip curtain wall runs along its length: 450 square metres of switchable glass ensure that the tint can be adjusted as needed and thus that the light indoors remains pleasing.


Picturesque views and abundant natural light for the new clinic

Extensive research demonstrates that natural light and views to the outside exert a positive impact on people’s mood and well-being. It boosts the human biorhythm, promotes wellness and health, increases performance and concentration, and intensifies vitality and quality of life.

For this reason, the architects wanted to bring as much as possible daylight into the building. But having rooms filled with natural light creates two important challenges: excessive heat and glare. The patients with sensitive eyes should absolutely not suffer from light and glare. Moreover, the architects wanted to preserve the picturesque views on the Constance lake and a smooth design, which would have not been possible with shades or blinds.


Completely silent control and glare protection

The butt-joined façade (FW 60 SG Schüco) equipped with SageGlass VARIO dynamic glazing fulfills all these needs: It gives the all-glass design of the Bellavista Eye Clinic’s external façade an architectural appeal, it lets in maximal natural light and it never hides the picturesque views to the outside.

The electronically tintable triple glass panes tint or clear automatically and silently. The process is as gentle as possible, consistent with the position of the sun in the sky and the required level of daylight. Daylight levels, solar heat and glare protection can thus be controlled. The system can also be simply manually operated: It makes it possible to progressively darken the interiors – an important consideration for patients with sensitive eye conditions. In addition, the link to the outside world remains intact – even with maximum-intensity tinting – unlike with roller blinds or shutter-based shading systems.


SageGlass supports patients’ recovery

By letting the maximum amount of daylight as well as views to the outside in, SageGlass definitively contributes to the healing process for the patients of the Bellavista clinic.

Furthermore, as SageGlass’ tint adapts to climatic conditions, the clinic can save money on heating and air conditioning.

Last but not least: the dust can’t accumulate on SageGlass, unlike interior blinds. The smart glazing requires no specific cleaning or maintenance, which is really appreciated by the clinic management for costs and sanitary reasons.


More information and pictures: Documentation Suisse du Bâtiment (French)

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  • Speicher, Switzerland
  • Client: Dr. Stiegler, Klinik Bellavista
  • Architects: Carlos Martinez Architekten, Berneck SG/CH
  • Building: 2015-2016
  • Building volume: around 24.500 m
  • Floor area: around 7.400 m2
  • Facade contractor: Krapf AG, Engelburg/SG
  • General contractor: HRS St.Gallen
  • 450 mSageGlass® VARIO Climatop Blue
  • Adrien Barakat
SageGlass can create pleasantly soothing light intensity in interior spaces, resulting in a pleasing ambience that ophthalmology patients, in particular, deeply appreciate.

Dr. Stiegler, Proprietor and Chairman of the BoardBellavista Eye Clinic

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