Esprit Sagan (France)

With the new Esprit Sagan building, SageGlass® helps to create an exceptional quality of life



The Esprit Sagan building on rue du Cherche-Midi in Paris is the result of a collaboration between three big names: the architect Jean-Jacques Ory, the artist Richard Texier and the interior designer Olivia Putman.

This spectacular building, named 'Esprit Sagan' in homage to the writer who spent several years at this address, is a complex of glass cubes stretching above the carefully-tended roofs of panoramic penthouses, giving it a pyramid-like outline. Glass and light are at the heart of the construction: Jean-Jacques Ory wanted to create something unique for Pitch Promotion without compromising the transparency with blinds or awnings.



Variable tint SageGlass® glazing was the ideal solution. This dynamic protection adapts to outside light levels and to residents' requirements, protecting them from dazzling glare and uncomfortable heat levels, while constantly retaining a view like no other of the Paris skyline.



The next-generation SageGlass technology – the fruit of 25 years' R&D and protected by over 500 patents – helps to grant the Esprit Sagan building the utmost prestige. But above all, it provides its residents with the highest levels of comfort through all four seasons and at every moment of every day.


Location : Paris, France

Investor : Pitch Promotion

Architect: Jean-Jacques Ory

Façade Specialist: Groven +



620 m2 of SageGlass Climaplus Classic



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