Expanding the Possibilities of Design for Architects

“As architects, we love glass, but the fundamental challenge has always been managing heat and glare. Now, with our glass that tints on demand, design possibilities become endless.”

– Lou Podbelski, AIA, CSI, Vice President, Architectural Solutions, SageGlass

Lou Podbelski and SageGlass are changing the paradigm of building design with electronically tintable glass, that allows architects to better manage the effects of the sun without the need to use blinds and shades.

It’s time to look again at how we approach design.
It’s time to look again at SageGlass.

Lou leads the SageGlass architectural solutions division on a quest to solve architects’ most pressing issues and deliver a product that expands the possibilities of design. Have an architect-to-architect question? Lou’s your man. Reach him directly at askLou@sageglass.com


Saint-Gobain NA Headquarters features 17,000 square feet of SageGlass, making it one of the largest installations of electrochromic glass to date. By controlling sunlight, SageGlass dramatically reduces energy demand and the need for HVAC, while increasing employee comfort.

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