The class average just got 20% brighter

Studies show that students learn material 20%-26% faster in a classroom with natural light and views of the outdoors. That’s why dynamically tintable SageGlass is designed to let in unobstructed sunlight while blocking unwanted glare and heat. It makes a lecture hall more comfortable, office hours more appealing, and a library more conducive to cognitive thinking. Getting rid of blinds and shades makes a space on campus feel more open and connected, and added comfort opens up new places for students to study or work collaboratively that would otherwise be too bright or hot to occupy. Because when we put as much thought into the learning environment as the lesson plan, students thrive.

Institute of higher earning

From Colorado State University to Chabot College, SageGlass has allowed higher education facilities to increase natural light, with no glare and little or no HVAC needed. Not only do these buildings save energy and money on a daily basis, but they truly allow a school to stand out above the noise. From an admissions perspective, the architectural possibilities and state-of-the-art technology can be the highlight of any campus tour. SageGlass also contributes significantly to impressive LEED® certification, which is a draw for donors and prospective students alike. Because, while educators focus on the future of their students, SageGlass is making today bright for the entire institution.



This part of the building was once the old exterior façade with beautiful big stone arches that were filled with windows. When those windows were removed and a new roof and wall installed, the space lost a lot of its charm and brightness. The SageGlass skylight creates a bright space with natural light and enhances the daylight in adjacent spaces as well. Everyone I’ve talked to, including the athletic department and military leaders, believes it’s a vast improvement.

Tony Freitag, Architect U.S. Naval Academy

Our design approach delivers exceptional energy efficiency, due in large part to a ductless heating and cooling system that would not have been possible without deploying SageGlass.

Phil Newsom, Architect and Senior Project Manager tBP/Architecture

We needed to make it both a comfortable and aesthetically pleasing environment for the people inside, and we needed to do that in an energy-efficient way. SageGlass helped us control thermal and lighting issues without obstructing outdoor views.

Thomas Gregg, Vice President of Operations Grove City College


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