Design Possibilities

Design Possibilities with SageGlass

SageGlass dynamic glass is perfect for design teams that want to create distinction without compromise. Enjoying the benefits of natural light without blinds and shades can completely change the role of glass in your next project. And because it’s versatile enough to fit into any space, it gives designers the freedom to reimagine what’s possible.

Flexibility for Architects

Our glass belongs outside the box—it elegantly controls light and heat gain on projects that require non-rectangular shapes such as trapezoid, parallelogram and triangle. 
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We’re always thinking big—that’s why we offer rectangular panes as large as 6’ x 10’ (1.8m x 3m) so you can get a clean, seamless look in any size.
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We work with leading glass fabricators to provide you with industry-leading color options, including clear, blue, green, gray and more.
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SageGlass has been tested across a range of harsh conditions for more than 15 years, outperforming in durability tests by the U.S. Department of Energy, glass fabricators and window manufacturers. This dependable performance is due to durable coatings, long-lasting IGUs and construction that is simple and reliable.
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Design Support
We’re here to help you maximize the potential of SageGlass at every step of the process, with performance modeling, glazing and zone design, framing system evaluation, drawing reviews and installation training for contractors. And we’re available with on-site training and support throughout the construction process and afterwards.
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Flexibility for Users

Control Strategy
Our innovative Symphony® control system takes into account your project’s location, orientation, occupant needs and design. SageGlass dynamic glass run automatically and be seamlessly integrated into the building management system, and manual override is always an option. Check out our controls brochure

Mobile App
In addition to wall switches, you can use our mobile app to control tint zones and save predefined scene settings for specific lighting effects from anywhere in the building, so you can have on-the-go control at any time.

Flexibility for Occupants

SageGlass minimizes heat gain and glare while maximizing the connection to the surrounding environment, making occupants in any type of space happier, healthier and brighter.


Studies show that students learn material 20%-26% faster in a classroom with natural light and views of the outdoors. That’s why dynamically tintable SageGlass is designed to let in unobstructed sunlight while blocking unwanted glare and heat.
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In healthcare environments, natural light is linked to faster recovery, improved emotional wellness and decreased dependence on medication. Studies also show reduced stress levels for family and hospital staff.
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When employees are comfortable and enjoy views of the outdoors without glare or excess heat, they see improvements in focus, mood and overall health.
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Whatever the institution, visitors feel more welcome, comfortable and engaged when you remove 99% of harmful solar radiation from the equation.
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