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When SageGlass is built into a museum, visitors can walk through a gallery and admire works of art alongside a city view because the glass blocks 99% of solar radiation that can cause fading and other harmful damage. In a cultural center, community groups can meet and feel connected to nature without experiencing glare or uncomfortable heat. A bright auditorium can be tinted down to just 1% of visible light transmission with just the touch of a button, creating the perfect venue for performing arts. Whatever the institution, SageGlass can help make visitors feel welcome, comfortable and engaged in the experience.


Many of the best museums and cultural institutions have breathtaking views of the surrounding landscape, but those views are often obstructed in favor of controlling the sun’s glare and harmful rays. Nearly all solar control options available that could address this problem would result in compromises to building performance and visitor experience—all except for SageGlass. Our technology eliminates glare, saves energy and reduces dependence on inefficient HVAC systems, all while preserving the view. And this doesn’t just solve a problem—it can unlock additional revenue streams as well. It can make new exhibits possible by taking advantage of the views and transform previously unusable spaces by regulating temperature or retrofitting glass into historical architecture. By rethinking the windows, SageGlass can open the door to a world of new possibilities for building owners.

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Museum of Science (USA)

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Pavilion on the Lake, Tavares (USA)

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Athenaeum (USA)

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Our number one goal is to improve the visitor experience. With SageGlass, we were able to eliminate glare from the sun that diminished the visitor experience, while preserving the outdoor view and reducing energy consumption.

Paul Ippolito, Museum Director Museum of Science, Boston

The Athenaeum was built by individuals in the 19th century who embraced and promoted innovative technologies and design. Today, we continue this tradition with SageGlass.

Matthew Powers, Executive Director St. Johnsbury Athenaeum

With its barrel roof and extraordinary amount of daylight, the Hamilton Garden Terrace presented some interesting glazing challenges. For solar control, SageGlass delivered a solution that no other glazing could provide.

Edward Zaucha, CEO APG International


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