Wyoming Dept. of Transportation (USA)

The challenge

Located near the Nebraska border in southeastern Wyoming, the Torrington Port of Entry serves as a busy weigh station at the intersection of U.S. Highways 26 and 85. Agents there promote traffic safety by monitoring commercial vehicles and ensuring compliance with state and federal laws. To best perform their jobs, the agents need clear and unobstructed views – from all angles, at all hours of the day, and in all weather conditions.

The existing weigh station had significant sun control issues. Intense sunlight and heat presented challenges during the summer, while snow glare added complexity in the winter. Baseball caps and sunglasses became mandatory accessories for agents monitoring traffic.

When hired to design a new Port of Entry facility, architect Doug Selby knew these challenges could not be met with blinds, shades and other conventional sun controls, or with standard glazing by itself. Selby hired a daylighting consultant, Hutton Architecture Studio, to help him explore alternate glazings. It quickly became clear that SageGlass® was the ideal solution.


The solution

Electronically controlled SageGlass glazing automatically tints or clears in response to changing daylight conditions, managing glare and solar heat gain while maintaining unobstructed views outside. In the Torrington facility, sensors are programmed to automatically let in one of four light levels through the glass throughout the day: 2%, 6%, 20%, or 60% which was a feature critical to the visual success of the Port of Entry.

“SageGlass allowed the Wyoming Department of Transportation Port of Entry staff to have full view of trucks on the highway and those circulating through the Port without the need for interior blinds or exterior louvers on the windows to control summer and winter glare on the west and south elevations,” said Selby.

According to Tom Thompson, president of Thompson Glass, this advanced glazing was extremely fast and easy to install. In fact, the installation of SageGlass was completed within one day. 

“The installation was easier than I anticipated and went right according to plan,” Thompson said. “As a glazier, I was pleased with the outcome and look forward to future opportunities to install SageGlass.”



The new Torrington Port of Entry serves as a model weigh station for future facilities to follow. Dynamic SageGlass allows agents to clearly see out of the building at any time of day, without
the need for interior blinds or exterior louvers to control summer and winter glare through windows facing west and south. Ball caps and sunglasses are no longer necessary.

It is also easier to maintain a constant, comfortable temperature inside throughout the year, and the facility now takes full advantage of natural daylight, improving energy efficiency by reducing dependence on artificial lighting.

“We are most pleased with the way SageGlass has performed in the building, and were pleasantly surprised at how easy the installation was,” said Paul Hutton, president of Hutton Design Studio. “Most importantly, workers inside tell us they find the interior environment to be quite comfortable, promoting vehicle safety across the State of Wyoming.”

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LOCATION:Torrington, Wyoming

PROJECT:New Port of Entry Station

ARCHITECTS:Douglas Selby & Associates; Hutton Architecture Studio


We are most pleased with the way SageGlass has performed in the building, and were pleasantly surprised at how easy the installation was.

Paul HuttonHutton Architecture Studio

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