Tombola (UK)


Tombola, Europe’s biggest online gaming company, develops and produces original bingo software and games, created by an in-house development team.

The company wanted to build a new high tech headquarters, with the ambition to provide the best possible working environment for its employees and to maximise the stunning views to the River Wear and port beyond.

As a leading tech company it was also important for tombola to design a high spec and technologically advanced building, which could attract young professionals. As the design evolved they realised that the striking trio of roof pitches and feature glazed east elevation should not be diluted with any internal and external shading systems, but with tombola’s staff working on computers, controlling glare was essential.


After extensive research, the team at international design practice Ryder Architecture discovered SageGlass, the dynamic glass of Saint-Gobain, which met all of tombola’s ambitions for the building aesthetically and functionally, as well as providing major performance benefits.

The smart glass tints in response to the sun’s path and can be programmed to fit exactly the needs of tombola’s employees, protecting them from glare and controlling the amount of light and heat entering the building.


According to several studies, people with views to the outdoors have a 10% to 25% better mental function and memory and, in an office environment, those with access to natural daylight are 18% more productive. By managing daylight and allowing a connection with the outdoors at all times of the day, no matter the season, SageGlass will help to boost the 300-plus employees’ memory function and productivity. And by controlling heat, it will help to reduce the energy consumption, without any mechanical shading altering the design.


LOCATION:Sunderland, UK

ARCHITECTS: Ryder Architecture

PRODUCT: 870 m2 SageGlass Grey DGU


PHOTOS: James Newton



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SageGlass met all our ambitions for the building from an aesthetic and biophilic perspective - as well as offering significant performance benefits in terms of energy use and comfort.

Paul Milner, senior architect at Ryder Architecture Tombola

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