Swissmill Tower (Switzerland)

The Challenge

The Swiss Mill architects wanted to ensure that the conference room’s occupants could not only enjoy the most natural light possible, but also benefit from effective sun and heat protection. Given the wind factor owing to the height of the room, sun protection systems installed on the outside could not be envisioned. The architects also wanted the building’s occupants to enjoy the uninterrupted breathtaking views the tower offers over the city, even on sunny days. While searching for glass that would offer effective protection against heat radiation, the designers quickly realised that the glass most commonly used on the market was too dark or did not absorb enough heat and sun radiation. Electrochromic windows appeared to be the perfect solution.


The Solution

SageGlass offered the perfect solution for the project: electrochromic glass that darkens or lightens silently, and can operate automatically in harmony with outside light conditions, or manually, for example according to specific needs during a presentation. This allows the amount of natural light and solar heat infiltrating the conference room to be regulated, while the building’s occupants are protected from glare: optimal indoor thermal and visual comfort is ensured at all times. The level of transparency of SageGlass can be regulated in four degrees, ranging from 1% to 60% light transmission: the clear view remains uninterrupted regardless of the degree of darkness.


The Benefits

The occupants of the conference room towering over the roofs of Zurich can now enjoy totally uninterrupted views over the city, including when the sun is shining brightly. Contributing to reduced energy supply, the inside temperature always remains at a comfortable level.


OWNER: Coop Immobilien AG

ARCHITECT: Harder Haas Partner AG

PRODUCT: SageGlass Climatop Classic

PHOTOGRAPHER: Adrien Barakat



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