Medical & Therapeutical Centre - La Lignière (Switzerland)

The Challenge

The Clinique La Lignière, established in 1904, wished to expand its offerings through a new outpatient healthcare facility on its campus in Gland, Switzerland. The Medical & Therapeutic Centre would provide well-rounded outpatient care, focusing on patients’ biological, psychosocial and spiritual needs to help them develop their own healing skills. The facility would include medical consultation and therapeutic treatment spaces, as well as meeting rooms for advising patients on health and wellbeing, in line with La Lignière’s tradition of care and its vision of health.

The Clinique La Lignière wanted a modern new building that would harmonize with its original facility and offer bright, open spaces with plenty of daylight to benefit patients and improve wellbeing. 


The Solution

After considering a number of solar control solutions, including a double-glazed façade and exterior Venetian blinds, The Clinique La Lignière installed SageGlass LightZone™ dynamic glass on the façade and central skylight of the new Medical & Therapeutic Centre to balance daylight, maintain access to outdoor views, and prevent heat gain and glare inside the facility. The LightZone technology allows for three individual tint zones within a single pane of glass to ensure optimal daylight control. The tint level can be controlled through a wall panel integrated with the building’s operating system or with a Smartphone app. Even when fully tinted, SageGlass remains transparent to preserve outdoor views. 


The Benefits

Several scientific studies highlight the positive influence of natural light and outdoor views on the healing process. SageGlass contributes to the Clinique La Lignière’s mission to put patients first and ensure they receive optimal treatment in an open, bright space. Through reduced reliance on overhead electrical systems and HVAC to monitor solar heat gain, SageGlass will also help the clinic save on energy and maintenance costs.



LOCATION: Gland, Switzerland

ARCHITECT:   ass architectes associés SA

FAÇADE CONSULTANT: Buri, Müller + Partner GmbH


PRODUCT:: 450 m2 (4,844 sq ft) of SageGlass Climatop Classic with LightZone™



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We are truly pleased to have chosen SageGlass over other options. The smooth appearance of the glazing highlights the building’s exterior pillars by existing in stark contrast to them.

Marco Di Maggio, Architect ass architectes associés SA

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