Kielce Bus station (Poland)


The bus station in Kielce is steeped in history. With the country reeling from both anti-communist unrest and general financial havoc, the bus station was perceived by the authorities as a glimmer of hope and an ambitious sign of the system’s capabilities at its opening in 1984.

An example of novelty architecture, the building was designed by the Polish architect Edward Modrzejewski in the shape of a UFO. The facility was seen as highly advanced in terms of its overall capacity, and quickly became a minor tourist attraction and one of the landmarks of Kielce. At the time, it was designed to accommodate 1,500 buses and 24,000 passengers daily.

At the beginning of the 21st century, the building became increasingly in need of renovation. The initial plan was to replace it with a new construction at a different location, with the original building being heavily modified or replaced. However, as the building was seen as part of Poland’s cultural heritage, the team needed to find solutions that did not alter the design, but still met today’s expectations.



While the inside has been completely redesigned, the building retained its UFO shape thanks to the smart glass from SageGlass, a Saint-Gobain company. The façade was refurbished with 535 m2 of SageGlass Classic DGU. The electrochromic glass tints or clears on demand in response to the sun. No blinds or shades are needed to protect the passengers, shoppers and tourists from unwanted glare and heat. It therefore creates a comfortable indoor space regardless of the weather conditions.



The innovative technology behind SageGlass helped to ensure that none of the original aesthetics were lost. As such, its signature circular skylights and cosmic outline have been faithfully kept. Furthermore, the passengers waiting for departure can constantly observe the outside traffic and see buses arrive and leave no matter the time of day. Today, after renovation, the station is once again the pearl of the city. It welcomes travelers and attracts tourists alike.



LOCATION: Kielce, Poland

BUILDING OWNER: Municipality of Kielce

ARCHITECT: Edward Modrzejewski

PRODUCT: SageGlass Classic DGU

SAGEGLASS SF: 1,755 ft2 / 535 m2




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