The challenge was to construct a functional yet prestigious office building with high-quality workstations. In addition, external sun protection solutions were not viable because they would detract from the clean, elegant aesthetic the customer was seeking.


In terms of the façade, the desired look was a flush transition from the window areas to the opaque aluminum sandwich system and to implement continuous horizontal and vertical joints. This called for an innovative sun protection solution and extreme precision. Eliminating glare was also important because this is the key to enabling more efficient and – in turn – more cost-effective use of office spaces. In addition, the façade had to be constructed as quickly as possible but still to a high standard of quality.



With its electrochromic coating, SageGlass is able to change tint automatically. This means that the level of natural daylight can be controlled on a scale ranging from typical, fully clear glass to just 1% of visible light coming through. The design team chose SageGlass because it eliminated the need for an additional external solar control system, as the glass itself provides solar control. 354 SageGlass panels were installed in the building to create a façade that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing.



The aluminum windows were prefabricated at a workshop under optimum production conditions. This meant that the modular units could be installed as needed by placing call-off orders. In terms of user benefits, the people inside the building can enjoy effective sun and heat protection without having to rely on outside blinds – which require considerable maintenance – or on other mechanical sun protection equipment. The glass, which can be controlled automatically or manually, constantly ensures a pleasant indoor climate inside rooms that receive a lot of light or when the outdoor temperature is high. The building is also very environmentally friendly, as it uses building component activation for heating and cooling (similar to radiant heating/cooling), which is supplemented by decentralized ventilation.



LOCATION: Graben-Neudorf, Germany

CLIENT: HeKa Herzog GmbH, windows, doors, and façades


ARCHITECT: Ingenieurbüro für Bauwesen Dipl. Ing. FH Josef Bieringer

FACADE CONTRACTOR: HeKa Herzog GmbH, windows, doors, and façades


PRODUCT: SageGlass


What we have in SageGlass is a visionary future technology, particularly when it is combined with a functional office building – of that we are thoroughly convinced.

Hans Dieter Herzog CEO of HeKa

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