Girls' Grammar School (Australia)

SageGlass® helps a turn-of-the-century institution improve daylighting and enhance sustainability while preserving the charm of an historic building.

In an effort to optimize the learning environment for K-12 students at the Ivanhoe Girls’ Grammar School, administrators sought to increase natural lighting into the Edwardian-style Sharwood House established in 1903, while enhancing overall building sustainability. Designers opted to glaze the central atrium skylights with SageGlass, which changes tint electronically to control the heat gain, glare and fading caused by the sun. The dynamic glass floods the spaces inside with abundant natural light, while helping to reduce energy costs and keep Sharwood House compliant with local historic building regulations.

Up to 98% of solar radiation that can damage interior spaces is blocked by SageGlass glazing.

The atrium skylights are integrated into a system in which light sensors automatically activate the tinting and clearing throughout the day based on sun orientation.

SageGlass is part of a comprehensive, school-wide green building strategy that combines passive heating and cooling with water conservation initiatives.

LOCATION:Ivanhoe, Australia

ARCHITECT:Daryl Sanders Jackson So

PHOTOGRAPHY:Simmonds Photography

Ivanhoe offers students a rich, innovative educational experience. Outstanding educational facilities play a big role in that experience. SageGlass was a wise investment that will support our mission for years to come.

Peter Smithson, Head of School Properties Committee Ivanhoe Girls’ Grammar School

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