Flims Electric (Switzerland)


Flims Electric AG was planning the construction of new premises in the Stennatobel area in Flims. These were to include a switchgear system, warehouses, workshops, garages and offices. The new headquarters was intended to replace the existing administration building at Via dil Casti, which in recent years had become too small to accommodate the growing number of employees. The company also wanted to set a good example as an environmentally conscious energy supply company. Therefore, the goals was to create a building in line with its mission to be an ecologically and socially responsible company.



The building was created as a solid construction with a mounted clinker facade and was equipped with state-of-the-art technology. A tilt-mounted photovoltaic system was installed on the roof to help with energy consumption. Dynamic solar protection glazing by SageGlass was used for the windows in the clinker facade. Thanks to its electrochromic coating, this smart glass darkens or lightens automatically depending on the level of light. It provides optimal protection against heat and glare, while always allowing an unobstructed view of the outdoors.



The dynamic solar protection glass offers numerous benefits in terms of cost savings and the well-being of users. SageGlass enables optimal temperature control and heat exchange with a high level of light transmission. Air conditioning and energy costs are reduced, as the incoming light heats the inside of the building in winter and the smart glass darkens in response to sunlight in summer and acts as heat protection. The entry of natural light all year round also reduces the need for artificial lighting. This enables the building’s overall energy consumption to be reduced significantly.

SageGlass can also help to create a more pleasant working environment. The tinting function of the glass ensures that disruptive reflections on computer screens are eliminated. Studies have shown that daylight increases motivation, improves visual function, prevents fatigue and can even reduce absenteeism. Flims Electric’s new headquarters underlines its values as a sustainable, innovative and responsible company.


LOCATION: Flims, Switzerland

CLIENT: Flims Electric AG

ARCHITECT: Spreiter + Partner AG

PRODUCT: SageGlass Classic TGU

SAGEGLASS SF: 3983 ft2 / 370 m2


TYPE: New Construction

SageGlass reflects our values as an environmentally conscious energy supply company. We were fully convinced by the benefits in terms of cost savings and health in the workplace!

Peter Rhyner Deputy Managing Director of Flims Electric

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