EPFL University (Switzerland)

With SageGlass, EPFL offers a cutting-edge learning environment

EPFL is one of Europe's most renowned institutions for science and technology. With 125 nationalities on campus, it is also one of the world's most cosmopolitan university sites. Its three core missions are education, research and technology transfer. Daily interactions between the site's students, researchers and entrepreneurs promote the development of new scientific, technological and architectural projects.


 Seeking a better study environment

Renowned throughout Europe, this prestigious university is home to the best students, researchers and professors. EPFL seized the opportunity presented by its campus renovation to use innovative and environmentally friendly products and materials as a way of becoming even more attractive to the world's best minds.

The solar protection in the two lecture theatres used for projecting presentations was in particular need of renovation. Students often suffered from glare and excess heat because, as well as being noisy, the blinds no longer functioned properly.


 SageGlass®, an innovative solution designed for users

Dynamic SageGlass® glazing was installed in place of the existing glazing and now discreetly manages light and solar heat while retaining a view over the outside world.

The LightZoneTM feature, a SageGlass® exclusive, allows different tint areas to be defined within each pane to optimise the quantity of natural light and to retain a comfortable working environment. Using light sensors, SageGlass® glazing automatically and silently alters its tint to sun exposure levels throughout the day, providing exceptional comfort within the lecture halls. Tint levels can also be manually selected via switches, for example when darkening the room before playing a video.


 A façade appreciated by all

Students are now no longer burdened with glare and excess heat from the sun. Like their professors, they enjoy natural light and a view over the outside world whatever the weather, boosting their concentration and improving their ability to learn, as proven by many scientific studies. And as the renovated façade no longer features blinds, the maintenance department is delighted as this means no more servicing!

  • Location:
  • Ecublens, Switzerland
  • Project:
  • Client: EPFL
  • Façade specialist: Demanga et fils SA
  • Product:
  • SageGlass Climatop Classic
  • LightZone: 2
  • Photos:
  • Adrien Barakat

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