Century College (USA)

With the help of dynamic SageGlass®, a west-facing curtain wall lets in ample daylight while controlling glare and solar heat gain.

Century College Library architects wanted to add a west-facing curtain wall that would bring abundant daylight into the new building. However, they were concerned that glare and excess heat would compromise comfort for students and staff. Dynamically tintable SageGlass was installed in the upper and lower rows of glass to help cut overall glare and heat gain according to the sun’s movement and intensity throughout the day. Students are free to study in more spaces within the library that would otherwise be too bright or uncomfortably hot to occupy.

Students learn better when provided with natural daylight and a view to the outdoors.

SageGlass provides glare control and comfort for the west-facing, second-floor staff offices.

LOCATION:White Bear Lake, Minnesota


PHOTOGRAPHY:Gallop Photography

If it is a super-bright day, we dim them. It’s really cool.

Jane Young, Librarian Century College

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