Centre Hospitalier Universitaire Vaudois (Switzerland)

The Challenge
The Centre Hospitalier Universitaire Vaudois (CHUV) is one of five Swiss university hospitals. Thanks to its collaboration with the Faculty of Biology and Medicine at the University of Lausanne, CHUV is a European leader in medical treatment, medical research and training. It serves as a general hospital for the local population as well as a destination for specialty care.

In 2016, CHUV (also known as Lausanne University Hospital) began the design and construction of an addition to the west wing of its Orthopaedic hospital building, adding a new floor to create three new operation rooms and a recovery room. The leaders of CHUV wished to enhance the new space with a first-rate solar control solution that would ensure the comfort of patients and staff by providing optimal interior conditions during operations and the recovery process.


The Solution
To promote high-quality daylight in the new space, CHUV selected SageGlass dynamic glazing from Saint-Gobain. SageGlass discreetly darkens and lightens throughout the day in response to the sun, all the while remaining transparent. This technology controls incoming solar heat and glare while preserving the outdoor view and maintaining a comfortable level of balanced daylight for
people inside.  

Unlike conventional sun control solutions, such as blinds or shades, SageGlass never takes away the occupant’s connection to the natural environment. Thus, the breathtaking view of the Lac Léman from the new patient recovery room would be accessible any time of day through SageGlass.


The Benefits
The staff and the patients benefit from a maximum of quality, comfortable natural light, as well as the uninterrupted exterior view. Several studies have demonstrated how patients benefit from daylight and views of nature during the healing process. By selecting SageGlass, CHUV sought to foster more pleasant working conditions for staff and an improved recovery experience for patients.

In a hospital setting, SageGlass also provides a helpful sanitary benefit: dust does not accumulate on the glazing, the way it does on conventional interior solar control options, like curtains or blinds. This can help the facility reduce maintenance costs. By controlling the amount of solar heat gain, SageGlass is also expected to help the facility reduce its energy use – allowing building managers to better control the interior temperature with less reliance on mechanical systems for heating and air-conditioning.


LOCATION: Lausanne, Suisse

ARCHITECT AND WORKS DIRECTOR: Didier Caron, Atelier Gamme Architecture SA


PRODUCT: SageGlass Climatop Classic



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Operating theatre windows that can preserve the outdoor view while preventing glare, UV damage and heat gain are a major advantage.

Didier Caron, Architect and Works Director Lausanne, Switzerland

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