Bellavista eye clinic (Switzerland)

The Challenge:

When designing the new Bellavista Eye Clinic, located next to the well-known Bent Clinic in Speicher, Carlos Martinez Architects envisioned a strong, rock-like building following the slope’s topography. Yet to keep the building light and airy inside, a window belt runs horizontally across the building’s façade, maintaining unobstructed picturesque views of Lake Constance. Research has demonstrated that natural light and views of the outdoors have a positive impact on people’s mood and wellbeing and has been proven to boost patient vitality and quality of life. 

However, a glass façade also created two key challenges – excessive heat and glare – and the design needed to ensure patients with sensitive eyes would not suffer from too much light exposure.


The Solution

The clinic architect selected SageGlass dynamic glass for its ability to meet the design intent, while maintaining unobstructed views of the outdoors, unlike blinds or shades. By darkening and lightening in response to the sun, SageGlass helped to ensure the interior of the clinic, which consists of 28 beds and two operating rooms, would receive the optimal amount of light throughout the day. 

Additionally, the tint of the glass can be manually controlled via a wall panel to meet individual patient preferences, making it possible to progressively darken the interior, which is an important consideration for patients with sensitive eye conditions.


The Benefits

By providing access to optimal levels of daylight while maintaining unobstructed views of the outdoors, SageGlass helps to provide patients with a more comfortable recovery space that contributes to their overall health and wellbeing. In the case of the eye, the retina has not only a surface on which surrounding views are projected, but also cells that dictate a human’s biological clock. By providing patients with access to natural daylight, SageGlass helps strengthen patients’ biorhythm, boosting patient vitality and quality of life. 

Additionally, unlike interior blinds or shades, SageGlass does not accumulate dust, which helps decrease maintenance costs and contributes to the overall sanitation of the clinic. Furthermore, as SageGlass continues to adapt to the climatic conditions, the clinic will save on heating and air conditioning costs.



LOCATION: Speicher, Switzerland

OWNER: Dr. Stiegler, Bellavista Eye Clinic

ARCHITECT: Carlos Martinez Architects



PRODUCT: SageGlass VARIO Climatop Blue

PHOTOS: Adrien Barakat



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SageGlass helped create soothing, balanced daylight in interior spaces, resulting in a pleasing ambience that ophthalmology patients deeply appreciate.

Dr. Stiegler, Proprietor and Chairman of the Board Bellavista Eye Clinic

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