Cost Savings

Cost Savings

SageGlass often costs the same or less than conventional glass when you consider the total cost of ownership. Traditional methods of controlling sunlight quickly add up. With traditional low-e glass you need to budget for:

  • Shades/blinds (plus installation and maintenance)
  • Exterior sunshades (plus transport and installation)
  • Larger HVAC systems
  • Increased energy usage
  • Lighting & cooling solutions
  • Peak demand charges

With SageGlass you need to budget for:

  • SageGlass, period.

Dollars are only part of the equation. SageGlass maximizes daylight and preserves your outdoor view – the reason you put glass in buildings in the first place. Learn how from a recent energy study done in partnership with SCHEELS, a sporting goods and entertainment chain with 27 stores in 12 states. The study compared electricity usage at two SCHEELS locations and found that the store featuring SageGlass, in addition to enhanced building automation HVAC controls, better insulation and LED lighting, benefitted from a 73 percent decrease in electricity consumption. This reduction resulted in $487,193 in energy cost savings in the store’s first year of operation.