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Swiss Paraplegic Centre Nottwil places its trust in SageGlass

Nov. 30, 2018

February 2018 saw the opening of the north wing of the Paraplegic Centre, a specialist clinic for paraplegics in Nottwil, Switzerland. SageGlass smart glazing offers maximum amount of natural light and seamless tinting sun protection, making it the perfect choice for intensive care rooms especially designed to aid recovery.


The private clinic, which is supported by the Swiss Paraplegic Foundation, specializes in primary care, acute treatment, holistic rehabilitation and lifelong support for paraplegics and people suffering from similar conditions. This holistic approach to care is also reflected in the design of the premises. The surroundings in the newly built north wing are designed to aid recovery. The rooms in the new intensive care unit have bright fronts and floor-to-ceiling windows that flood the rooms with daylight and can even be opened slightly when the insect screen is down. The SageGlass dynamic glazing in the windows ensures a high level of daylight while protecting against excessive solar radiation. SageGlass offers intelligent tinting, ensuring a glare-free view of the surroundings at all times.

A facade design to aid recovery

The Paraplegic Centre Nottwil, situated on the banks of Lake Sempach in the canton of Lucerne, is undergoing significant renovation and expansion work based on a design by Hemmi Fayet Architekten through 2020. The architects based the concept for the new building’s facade on existing elements of the clinic’s facade: an overhanging element facade and a compact facade punctuated with windows. The second floor overhanging the first floor is a very prominent feature of the new north wing. Here, Hemmi Fayet Architekten opted for a brand-new type of facade with electrochromic SageGlass. This innovative glass creates a new look inspired by the building’s inner function. The low-maintenance SageGlass also reflects the vision of the clinic itself, which has a focus on the future and innovation. SageGlass also creates ideal conditions for patients’ wellbeing, allowing them to enjoy the view outside at all times, no matter how much the glass is tinted. Having plenty of daylight and views of the lake and natural surroundings also contributes to the positive impact on the recovery process. The combination of functionality, efficiency and comfort makes electrochromic glazing a key aspect of the Paraplegic Centre’s health-promoting concept.