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A SageGlass Guide: How to Install Dynamic Glass

By: Josh Battles, Architectural Solutions Manager

Dec. 9, 2016


SageGlass is the most sophisticated dynamic glass product on the market, but just because it’s high tech, doesn’t mean it’s difficult to install. In fact, the overall installation process is quite simple.

The Installation Process

Here is a sneak peek into the SageGlass installation process so you can see for yourself how simple it really is!


During the pre-installation process, we plan the overall system design and layout. Every piece of glass has a wire and every wire needs to be connected to a control panel.

During this process, we need to consider the following:

  1. We look at the building’s overall system and create a diagram illustrating the scope of the SageGlass installation, terminal box locations, control panel locations and show the point-to-point wiring between them.
    • Does the project have room for control panels in the electrical closet?
    • Can the project accommodate terminal boxes in the ceiling?
    • What locations are available for the system’s hardware and what is the accessibility of the wires?
  2. We then show this diagram to the electrician who scopes out the installation. With this diagram, it’s easy for an electrician to understand the installation.
  3. We coordinate with the glazing contractor to plan and account for the wiring in the glazing system. This process includes:
    • Working with the glazing contractor to protect the wire, which means laying out the wire, securing it and determining if penetrations are needed in the glazing system (All SageGlass penetrations are minimally intrusive.)
    • Labeling the wire and which piece of glass each wire is attached to in order to control the system properly

The glazing contractor then pulls the wire out of the glazing system for the cable tester, who like the name sounds, tests each wire to make sure it functions properly.

Overall, the pre-installation process is talking through these elements. We then make sure we consult with the installers so everyone is on the same page. We also provide tools for the installers to test our dynamic glass throughout the installation process.


During the actual installation, our team is available for the installers if they have any questions, and we oversee that the glass and wiring is installed properly.


Post-installation our team comes out on-site to validate and commission the system.

  1. We troubleshoot the system to make sure everything is functioning properly and ensure there are not any bad connections.
  2. We verify the operation of the glass and ensure all zoning is set-up properly.
  3. Finally, we verify that the actual installation matches up with the wiring diagram created during the pre-installation process. If it does not, we will capture and document how the system was actually installed and update the diagram, which will be stored and used for future reference.

And that’s it! After following these steps, you will have a SageGlass dynamic glass installation that provides a more comfortable indoor environment for your building’s occupants and helps your building achieve its sustainability goals.

Please check out the installation section of our website for two short videos detailing the step-by-step process of an installation for both glazing contractors and electricians. Be sure to visit the tutorial section for a more in-depth look.