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Sage Advice: Quality Manager Dianne Dahl

Jul. 14, 2016

We’re at it again! Here is the next post in a series of interviews with SageGlass team members to bring you closer to what we do and why we do it. Check out a day in the life of Quality Manager Dianne Dahl. Dianne started with the company in October of 2013, and we are so happy to have her as part of our dynamic team!

Dianne Dahl, Quality Manager


Q: What is your mission? 

A: Delivering great quality, plain and simple. My goal, along with the entire SageGlass team by the way, is to ensure that we have a great quality product for our customers. We realize that the idea of “electrochromic glass” – meaning glass that electronically tints – is still fairly new to a lot of people. So we want to make sure it works well and delivers the best possible experience for the occupant of the building. We think we do a pretty good job of that. But if there ever is a piece of glass that isn’t working well or is not meeting the needs of our customer, then my job is to help fix it and get it right. That is also an important part of my position. So you could really say that my mission is to deliver customer satisfaction!  

Q: What is your favorite part of working at SageGlass?

A: My favorite part is the variety of my work in Quality and how our group supports all the different functions of the business. For example, we support purchasing, planning, architectural solutions, operations and R & D. Our goal is to set people up for success and as a result, make an excellent product. Sage also has a very nice work environment. It’s expansive and clean and filled with sunlight. SageGlass is installed in our common areas and we can truly appreciate the value of the product that we build. It allows us to have a wonderful view of the property, which is quite beautiful, and there is no uncomfortable heat and glare from the sun.


Q: What does your typical day look like?

A: There is not a typical day. We are so busy here! There is so much going on – it’s intense, but fun! I lead a team of six technicians and in any given day will be involved with our suppliers, customers (internal and external) and product related needs. We oversee improvement projects, document and change management, specifications, inspection and testing, regulatory, and audit plans, just to name a few. We truly support all aspects of the business. Quality is not a department, it is a culture and an approach to how we go about our business. We are customer-facing and look for feedback from the project management team about what customers like and what benefits them. We work hard to understand the customer’s experience and make sure they are happy with us and our product.


Q: What do you think is the most interesting aspect of SageGlass as a product?

A: SageGlass really allows you to take full advantage of your indoor space as well as expand your view of the outdoors. You can sit in a room that has SageGlass and have the full sun shining in on you without sweating, squinting or feeling uncomfortable. You don’t need shades on the windows. It’s also pretty cool that we can set the glass at different tint levels in any given area of an installation. There is even a SageGlass app that allows us to control the glass from our mobile device. People can truly enjoy the space of the building and be a part of the outdoors – even the color is beautiful!


Q: Do you have a favorite work memory?

A: Even after a hard day, I always leave knowing that I am part of something that is new and growing.  And there are so many good people to share that experience with. We did what we termed a “20/40 challenge” a year ago just to see what our plant and people were capable of.  It was great!  We exceeded our expectations and demonstrated just how good we are as a team.  This is a great group of people. We have folks who are ultimate professionals yet so down to earth. Alan, our CEO, always talks about us as being one team, and I really feel it because we are. Everyone does their best and works hard together every day. This is very important for us as a new company. I can feel that teamwork. I have the best team I could ever imagine. Most importantly, we have fun!


Stay tuned for our next Sage Advice Q&A!