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A Principled Business: The Values That Guide SageGlass

By SageGlass

Feb. 23, 2016

We may be proud of many of our recent installations, but first and foremost, we are proud of the principles that guide our company. These are adopted from our parent company Saint-Gobain. These principles, which are divided into “Principles of Conduct” and “Principles of Action,” advise each and every member of our team as well as influence our company culture and dynamic. They are the core of what make us who we are as well as the company we aspire to be.

We spoke with SageGlass CEO Alan McLenaghan to gain insight on some of the company’s underlying principles:

Principles of Conduct:

  1. Professional Commitment-SageGlass is committed to ensuring the knowledge and know-how of each member of our company, and that their training is kept up-to-date. This requires a personal commitment from all of our team members as well as the willingness to take on new tasks and to constantly acquire and share knowledge. It also translates into the way we work with our partners, suppliers and our customers.
  2. Respect for Others-SageGlass believes this is a prerequisite for the professional and personal development of each member of our team. It implies acceptance of other cultures and people of all origins as well as a readiness to listen to others, inform, explain and engage in open dialogue. This is at the core of our behavior in ALL that we do.
  3. Integrity-SageGlass believes in a rigorous adherence to probity in all of our professional activities. We never claim our product can do something that it cannot. We stand by our commitments and we trust that this will be remembered and valued. There are times that we lose jobs because we have told a customer that SageGlass cannot perform in a particular way. The customer might tell us that another electrochromic glass can do it. Even though we know that neither product can achieve what they want – we simply state that in a professional way.
  4. Loyalty-This requires honesty and fairness in every interaction.
  5. Solidarity-This means working with a sense of individual responsibility which prevails over self-centered thinking. We are a team, which means we try to bring out the best in each member. Internally our “all-company” meeting is called The “ONE” Meeting. It is a bit corny and newcomers to the company often find it strange – but they soon “get it” and feel a part of “ONE.”

Principles of Action:

  1. Respect for the Law-We respect all laws and regulations in the countries where we conduct business.
  2. Caring for the Environment-SageGlass actively promotes the protection of the environment, through our facilities which are managed and monitored with clear environmental targets. We also strive to raise the environmental performance standards of our facilities.
  3. Team Member Health and Safety-SageGlass takes all measures necessary to ensure the best possible protection against any and all health and safety risks in our workplaces. We adopt risk reduction policies and follow-up on their results. At SageGlass we have a simple guiding philosophy “Nothing is so important that we cannot take the time to do it safely.” Simple!
  4. Employee Rights-We take every measure possible to ensure that team members’ rights are respected. SageGlass encourages and insists upon active dialogue, and refrains from any form of discrimination. Our multi-cultural, multi-background, diverse team makes for an even more innovative environment – that further differentiates us. For those who look deeply at our company – we know that you will like what you find.

With all of the principles that guide our company, it’s clear that we have created a culture of respect, commitment and integrity. Interested in joining our team? Check out our open positions here: http://sageglass.com/about-sage/careers/