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Our Commitment to Sustainability: SageGlass Recognized for Energy Conservation

by: Derek Malmquist, Vice President of Sales and Marketing

Nov. 30, 2016

As a part of the Saint-Gobain family of companies, we are committed to sustainability and are constantly thinking of ways to reduce energy consumption and unnecessary waste. To encourage some friendly competition among the company’s more than 130 manufacturing plants, Saint-Gobain’s Environmental, Health and Safety Department created the Waste, Water and Energy Program to highlight practical and effective solutions for increasing the sustainability of sites – and SageGlass was recognized as the champion in the Energy category.

In order to receive this top spot, SageGlass reduced its overall energy intensity by 54% year-over-year.

How SageGlass Reduced Energy Consumption by over 54% in one year

We decided to take a broad look at how much energy was being consumed at SageGlass, which all began with a simple question from an employee: “Why when I drive by SageGlass in the middle of the night [does] it look like the lights are on?”

We immediately began looking into the issue and solved the problem by increasing employee awareness and installing occupancy sensors to ensure we did not overuse electricity after-hours and on weekends. However, at SageGlass, we are never satisfied with solving a problem and moving on. We decided to further our research and took an in-depth look at our facility’s electrical usage. We created strategies to reduce our production and HVAC equipment’s energy waste and ensured our machinery was running as effectively as possible.

The Electricity Conservation Project

Although we have already received the championship belt, our sustainability efforts are far from over. We are continuing to work on this project, which we have aptly named the “Electricity Conservation Project” and discuss how we can best ensure the success of our efforts.

Overall, we’re proud to see how we were able to create big wins early on in our program and cannot wait to see how our sustainability initiatives continue to positively impact our business by reducing our carbon footprint.