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North America, Meet SageGlass Harmony™ at Greenbuild 2018

Nov. 8, 2018

We’re in the Windy City this month to debut our newest product, SageGlass Harmony™, the world’s most elegant dynamic glass, for the first time ever in North America. Yes, you heard that right! We introduced SageGlass Harmony to an international audience at Glasstec 2018, and now we are ready to unveil it in North America at the 2018 Greenbuild International Conference and Expo.

So, what do Greenbuild 2018 attendees need to know about SageGlass Harmony before hitting the show floor?  

  • Precise Glare Control: This product allows for gradual in-pane tinting to precisely control the source of uncomfortable heat and glare while providing optimal lighting conditions.


  • Seamless Connection to the Outdoors: Harmony does not have any defined lines between tinted and clear areas of the glass. This means Harmony can deliver a gradual in-pane tint transition from fully clear to fully tinted while offering a seamless connection to the outdoors and providing optimized daylight, color rendering, heat, and glare control.


  • Most Innovative Dynamic Glazing on the Market: In addition to the four standard SageGlass tint states, Harmony provides additional states with a gradual, natural in-pane tint transition. The natural tinting from darker to lighter can be oriented top to bottom or bottom to top, depending on where heat and glare control is needed.

Stop by booth 1452 at Greenbuild to see SageGlass Harmony in-action.

We will also be offering tours of the nearby installation of our flagship product, SageGlass, at The Yard at Chicago Shakespeare. To schedule a tour or learn more about this opportunity, please contact Jessi Harty at jessi.harty [at] sageglass.com.