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Experience SageGlass at Greenbuild 2016

By: Derek Malmquist, Vice President of Marketing

Oct. 4, 2016

SageGlass is heading to Los Angeles for the 2016 Greenbuild International Tradeshow and Expo (Oct. 5-7), and we will be bringing along our experiential SageGlass Cube – but this year with a new twist! Located just inside the main (south) entrance of the Los Angeles Convention Center, attendees who stop by the SageGlass Cube will be able to really feel how our dynamic tinting blocks heat and glare. Here’s how…

Half of the Cube will feature our dynamic glass in full-tint mode and the other half will have dynamic glass in its clear state, functioning in the same manner as traditional or low-e commercial glass. Both sides will be equipped with heat lamps to simulate the sun. We’ll also have a meter on-site to track conditions. Attendees will be able to walk through the Cube to experience both sections and decide for themselves if they’re “Hot or Not.”

Greenbuild LA is the first time that SageGlass will bring the “Hot or Not” concept to life in an effort to provide attendees with the opportunity to experience the benefits of our dynamic glass, first hand.

Also, when attendees stop by the SageGlass Cube, they can sign-up for a free ride in a Tesla to check out SageGlass’ recent installation at the premier restaurant atop the U.S. Bank Tower, 71Above, located just a few minutes from the Convention Center.  With SageGlass, 71Above offers unobstructed 360-degree views of the entire city, day and night, without being impacted by the California sun.

With all of these exciting activities, we can’t wait for Greenbuild this week!