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All Hands on Deck at the Fabricator Installer Trade (FIT) Show!

By Derek Malmquist, Vice President of Marketing

Apr. 14, 2016

Window, door and conservatory industry experts gathered this week at the Fabricator Installer Trade (FIT) Show, an industry tradeshow aimed to create relationships between manufacturers and distributers with the companies and individuals that create and install them. The 2016 FIT Show, which ran from April 12 to 14, was held at the Telford International Centre in the United Kingdom.

Prior to the FIT Show kick-off, SageGlass retrofitted a large curtain wall with its product at the tradeshow venue, replacing 132 traditional glass units with SageGlass LightZone, which allows for the creation of up to three variable tint zones within a single pane of glass. The SageGlass installation totaled 314 square meters.

The installed dynamic glass is automatically controlled by four external light sensors which detect predetermined light levels at which SageGlass LightZone will tint to adapt to the sun’s rays. The glass’ technological systems were easily installed in the existing curtain walling, and the tinting of the dynamic glass can be controlled through the SageGlass mobile app. Since this installation was completed prior to the FIT Show, event attendees were able to enjoy the conference in a comfortable, solar-controlled environment.

The three-day long FIT Show, hosted at the venue showcasing SageGlass’ impressive installation, consisted of educational seminars, divided into four categories: industry sessions, public sector and industry sessions, business sessions and specification and design. In addition, six installers faced off in the Master Fitter Challenge to install glazing products live in front of thousands of event attendees to win large cash prizes.

Our CEO Alan McLenaghan spoke during all three days at the conference, and shared his presentation “Windows that Tint Themselves – No BS! (Blinds or Shades)” with captive industry audiences.

Alan spoke in detail about SageGlass’ ability to manage heat, light and glare without the need for traditional blinds and shades. He also delved into the technology behind SageGlass and how the transparency of the glass can change within minutes to adapt to the sun’s rays. Alan explained how dynamic glass is the future of glazing, and expanded upon the product’s potential to be included in all glazing projects, ranging from domestic windows and conservatories to architectural landmark buildings. He referenced a number of SageGlass’ successful installations, including The Mall of America in Bloomington, Minnesota, and Modissa’s flagship store in Zurich, Switzerland.

Overall, the FIT Show was a success for SageGlass, and gave us the opportunity to showcase our state-of-the-art dynamic glass through an actual installation at the Telford International Centre as well as speak about the strength and potential of our product to industry experts.