High Flying Performance

Airports were once looked upon as a destination only visited when it meant a departure to another location – but today the airport terminal is being seen as more of an experience, a place where restaurants, retail and hotels are located. For this reason, airport architecture is increasingly utilizing dynamic glass to improve the experience of travelers and other airport occupants.



When SageGlass is installed in an airport, travelers can move through a security line without glare or wait in a boarding area and enjoy the view of air traffic without the sun’s intense rays and uncomfortable heat.

Pushing the boundaries of traditional airport design can mean significant challenges for architects. SageGlass’ ability to dynamically control sunlight, optimize daylight, maintain outdoor views and enhance traveler comfort by preventing glare and solar heat is the perfect solution.



SageGlass can help today’s travelers feel comfortable and engaged in all of the experiences today’s transportation hubs offer because natural light makes us feel better, physically, emotionally and mentally. Our electrochromic glazing system can help airport architects solve significant solar control challenges while creating visually stunning and energy-efficient multi-story curtain walls that includes even western and southern façades, where sunlight is most intensive. Now, with SageGlass that tints automatically, airport terminal design possibilities are endless.



SageGlass plays an important role, both for energy conservation and for the indoor environment. Passengers benefit from daylight and views, but direct solar penetration can be controlled. This means better working conditions for security personnel, which in turn leads to a better travel experience.

Greg Maxam, Director of Sustainable Design at Alliiance Minneapolis-St. Paul (MSP) International Airport

Dynamic glazings like SageGlass are the most appropriate products for skylights. They offer comfort as well as thermal insulation and solar protection, by windy weather too.

Laurent Félix, Director BIFF SA

It's a top priority for us to provide a comfortable space for travelers and workers at the airport. Workers and travelers alike need to be able to interact without distractions from the heat, glare, or brightness coming from the windows surrounding them.

Bryant Walker, Assistant City Manager & Airport Director City Of Brownsville


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