Distinction Delivered
Your buildings are a reflection of your values. Demonstrate what you stand for.
Traditional glass is static, compromising comfort and sustainability. SageGlass changes this paradigm, using intelligence to tint or clear as needed, transforming windows from a liability into an amenity.
Two coworkers sitting on couches in the common with smart glass windows from left to right behind them.
Versatile Product Options
Our flexible and adaptive Smart Window offerings eliminate the need for blinds or shades.
Intelligence Drives Behavior
The tinting of SageGlass windows is controlled by a predictive algorithm and weather data to optimize comfort.
The SageGlass Harmony Difference
The pinnacle of Smart Window technology, Harmony can tint just a portion of the glass, delivering superior comfort and an elevated aesthetic.
Unparalleled Comfort
A space free from the distractions of glare or heat optimizes wellness and productivity.
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The Benefits of SageGlass

Benefits of Electrochromic Glass


Exposure to beautiful, natural light makes people happier, healthier, more comfortable, and more productive.


Block the sun on hot days, harness it on cool days. Cut energy use all year, helping environments inside and out.


A building should be as unique as its occupants. SageGlass products let you design without compromise.

Proven Tech

Decades of pioneering technology and experience make SageGlass the category leader and champion.
Benefits of Electrochromic Glass
Interior of an modern smart glass building with large windows and a man talking on his phone at at a table.
Office interior with smart glass windows looking over view of the city.
Office interior with smart glass windows looking over view of the city.
Office interior with smart glass windows looking over view of the city.
Windows make better people, so we make better windows.
We’ve made it our mission to partner with architects and builders to bring an elevated occupant experience and superior building performance to more organizations and people.
1,500+ Installations
27 Countries

View our case studies across multiple industries for installation examples, success stories, and inspiration.

SageGlass Harmony enabled the builders of a smart office building to realize their groundbreaking vision. With a focus on occupant wellness, sustainability, and biophilic design, Harmony smart glass provides unobstructed views of ...
Crissier, Switzerland
Millenium's facade
Senior Day Center—Pavillon Butini
A Swiss senior day care center sought to improve the quality of life for its daily residents. See how SageGlass created permanent views of the outdoors with natural light for health and well-being. ...
Texas, USA
Exterior of school building with custom smart glass windows.
Higher Education
Binghamton University
To explore new possibilities for the revitalization of a 1916 shoe factory building for the Decker College of Nursing and Health Sciences, the design team partnered with SageGlass. The result? Most of the six-story building’s wind...
New York, USA
Exterior of industrial building with smart glass windows from left to right.
For the headquarters of the world’s largest food and drink company, designers saw an opportunity to demonstrate the company’s commitment to its employees and the environment. After researching the effects of indoor light quality o...
Vevey, Switzerland
Building facade with smart windows from left to right on a large modern glass building.
Sporting goods retailer SCHEELS and architect R.L. Engebretson envisioned a light-filled space at one with the outdoors. SageGlass smart glass helps keep shoppers comfortable all day, whether they’re checking out gear or riding th...
Colorado, USA