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Customers stay longer and buy more in stores with more daylight and natural features. Plus, smart windows control UV which protects merchandise.
Increase energy efficiency

SageGlass windows keep out up to 95% of heat energy, reducing energy costs and carbon footprints.


exterior of the lidl building
Increase sales

Data shows that guests stay longer, spend more, and pay higher prices in shops with more daylight and views of nature. 


An interior store view with glass walls. There are shoes, dresses and jewelry throughout the space for sale.
Photo by ©Adrien Barakat
Create a distinctive design

Welcome guests into a space with a modern, clean aesthetic that showcases outdoor views and isn’t cluttered by blinds or shades.


Interior of lounge with floor to ceiling smart glass windows overlooking the city.
Photo by ©Adrien Barakat
Choose a proven technology

SageGlass smart glass has been used successfully in over a thousand projects, including many stores and retail spaces.  


Interior of a multi-level building with smart glass as the ceiling.
Create a connected building

SageGlass is intelligent on its own, but it’s also an IoT system, capable of integrating with building management systems for holistic building optimization. 


Interior of building with smart glass ceiling, ferris wheel, and mountain with stuffed animals.

See SageGlass in action across a variety of retail stores.

SCHEELS’ sporting goods stores are designed to showcase natural light and the outdoors. They have chosen SageGlass for multiple locations to enhance the experience of their customers and their employees.
Colorado, USA
Lidl’s sustainable grocery store in urban Frankfurt-Niederrad features glass panels and green spaces. SageGlass dynamic glass keeps the store filled with daylight and just the right temperature year-round.
Frankfurt-Niederrad, Germany
Exterior of Lidl building with custom smart glass windows.
Mall of America
The Mall of America chose SageGlass for a 3,500-square-foot glass installation in its recent hotel, dining, and high-end retail expansion. Dynamic glass blocks heat and glare for optimum guest comfort.
Minnesota, USA
Interior of a multi-level building with smart glass as the ceiling.
Modissa Fashion Store
Fashion retailer Modissa chose SageGlass for its flagship store, preserving the historic façade of the building; protecting the clothing, flooring, and furnishings from UV damage; and offering a comfortable shopping experience. ...
Zurich, Switzerland

Not All Smart Glass Is Created Equal

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