Unmatched Aesthetics

Our proprietary Bright Silver coating from Saint-Gobain delivers a superior, unrivaled exterior aesthetic only available with SageGlass smart windows.
Enhanced Curb Appeal

Bright Silver provides building exteriors a modern, more vibrant aesthetic.

Millenium's facade
Uncompromised Design Intent

Maintain consistent exterior visuals across the facade. 

1K1 Exterior photos of SageGlass Harmony
Light & Inviting

Ideal for modern buildings, Bright Silver offers a neutral, silver reflection.  

Flexible Options

Bright Silver coating is available with both SageGlass Classic® and SageGlass Harmony® to suit your project needs.

Bright Silver in Action
Located on the shores of Lake Geneva, the Nestlé headquarters recently underwent a major façade renovation. Designers selected SageGlass smart windows with Bright Silver to maintain the reflective aspect of the original building aesthetic.

See some of our Bright Silver projects come to life.

Keystone Property Group’s 1K1 redevelopment in Conshohocken, Pennsylvania, features SageGlass Harmony with Saint-Gobain’s Bright Silver coating. This Class A office building is using smart technology amenities to help tenants attr...
Pennsylvania, USA
1K1 Exterior photos of SageGlass Harmony
Millennium is a groundbreaking smart office building in Switzerland with a focus on occupant wellness, sustainability, and biophilic design. With SageGlass Harmony, Millennium offers unobstructed views of Lake Geneva, comfortable ...
Crissier, Switzerland
Millenium's facade
Nestlé Headquarters
In a 2020 renovation of its global headquarters on Lake Geneva, Nestlé replaced the windows in building B with SageGlass smart glass after researching the effects of indoor light quality on employees. ...
Vevey, Switzerland

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