Smarter glass for modern hotels, restaurants and casinos.

Data shows that guests linger—and spend more money—in spaces with light and outdoor views, and pay more for hotel rooms with views of nature. SageGlass windows can help you get there.
Enhance guest experience

Glare and heat are uncomfortable for guests. Smart glass lets in plenty of light but keeps spaces cool and comfortable.

Restaurant in casino with large glazed façade.
Maximize outdoor views

With smart tinting windows, guests are immersed in the neighborhood or landscape that drew them to you in the first place.

Interior of restaurant with unique dining space and custom smart glass windows overlooking the city.
Photo by ©Alexandre Moulard
More Sustainable Spaces

SageGlass smart tinting reduces operational carbon from heating, cooling, and lighting and eliminates the embodied carbon that comes with traditional window coverings.

A side by side view of a glass exterior of a building. The left side shows the interior of the space. It's dark on the right side.
Create a distinctive design

Welcome guests into a space with a modern, clean aesthetic that showcases outdoor views and isn’t cluttered by blinds or shades.

Southwest facing view of sageglass windows
Increase Revenue

Data shows guests spend more time and money in hotel rooms, lobbies, and other spaces with views of nature and other biophilic design elements.

Photo by ©E. Fransdonk

See SageGlass in action across a variety of hospitality venues.

Santan Mountain Casino
The new Santan Mountain Casino from Gila River Resorts & Casinos defies the traditional norms of casino design in favor of sunlit spaces and mountain views.
Arizona, USA
Entrance to Santan Mountain Casino
Geneva Marriott Hotel
Part of the newest generation of hotels, prioritizing sustainability, the Geneva Marriott Hotel offers magnificent views of the Swiss Alps while maintaining energy efficiency.
Meyrin, Switzerland
Façade of the Geneva Marriott Hotel
Port Vauban, IYCA
The Camille Rayon quay at the Port Vauban Antibes incorporated premium solutions, including smart windows, during a recent renovation to restore its status as the premium Mediterranean yachting capital.
Antibes, France
Port Vauban building at sunset.
Waves, Beaulac Hotel
The WAVES rooftop restaurant sits inside a glass enclosure. Designers chose SageGlass to ensure comfort for guests, enhance the undulating design, and comply with strict energy standards.
Neuchâtel, Switzerland

Not All Smart Glass Is Created Equal

Interested in learning whether SageGlass smart glass is a fit for your hospitality project?