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How We Work Together
We use a collaborative, consultative approach to create the best solution for your building.
At SageGlass, we work with building owners, developers, architects, and other building professionals to evaluate whether smart glass is a good fit for each project. We pride ourselves on being knowledgeable, honest, and helpful.
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Our History
Our company offers the best of both worlds: the most advanced electrochromic glass technology, and the support of a centuries-old company.
We are both innovative and established. SageGlass was founded in 1989 and holds more than 1,300 patents. We are part of Saint-Gobain, a multinational company based in Paris that was founded in 1665.
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Our Future
We imagine a future where buildings know exactly what people need, exactly when they need it.
Smart glass technology is constantly evolving, and our research and development team is made up of world-class innovators. We are proud of SageGlass Harmony—the first electrochromic glass to tint on a gradient—and we continue to innovate.

What Our Clients Say

" When doing research on what amenities ranked the highest for stakeholders, natural light was undoubtedly at the top. Smart glass has the ability to promote happiness and well-being, enhance workplace satisfaction...and make people feel more energized. "

Kelsey Ruwe
Carson Group

" We ended up with so much west-facing and east-facing glass. The heat gain was going to be substantial. But we didn’t want to take away from the historic façade with blinds. SageGlass really did what we needed it to do for this facility. "

Bill Hall
SUNY Binghamton

" The classrooms primarily face west, so there’s a lot of glare and light. The electrochromic glass allows teachers to tint the glass to fit their needs or not have to think about it at all. "

Peter Sieber
Central New Mexico Community College

" SageGlass offers a high level of comfort by retaining our outside views without the inconvenience of sunlight reflecting on our computer screens. "

Emmanuel Oualid
SageGlass is the world leader in electrochromic glass, and we’ve got the recognition to prove it.
The Top Employers Institute certification programme recognises organizations that put their people first.
SageGlass electrochromic glass was awarded the “Solar Impulse Efficient Solution” label, an award for clean and profitable solutions and having a positive impact on quality of life, in September 2021.
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Build With Us

We’d love to hear about your building goals and support your planning journey.