Stiftung Rathaus des Äusseren Standes Bern
Bellorini Architekten AG
Project Size
87 m²
SageGlass Classic TGU


The building that houses the Zum Äusseren Stand restaurant is steeped in history. In fact, it is listed as a heritage-protected landmark. The first mention of the building in Swiss history books dates back to the 15th century. Modern-day Switzerland was founded in the building in 1848. In 1874, the Universal Postal Union was established there. But in recent years, the building was in desolate condition, with countless issues requiring repair: water damage, broken heating systems, a lack of ventilation, and a damaged glass roof in the courtyard café. The roof, in particular, caused owner Werner Rothen a huge headache: “When it rained, the rain came into the restaurant. When it was sunny, the guests were exposed to heat and glare.” The owner was in search of an ultra-innovative solution for the roof, offering protection against the sun, heat, and water.



SageGlass has the technology the owners were searching for. With dynamic solar protection, every individual glass element can be controlled electronically, helping protect restaurant guests from glare and heat without dispensing with natural light altogether.



Werner Rothen is fascinated by the tinted glass from SageGlass: “If the sun isn’t shining, I can see into the restaurant from my office above the glass roof. As soon as the sun comes out, the roof looks black from the outside and I can no longer see in, but if you’re in the restaurant, you can still see blue skies.” SageGlass hasn’t just dealt with the issue of solar protection — it also ensures excellent acoustics and comfortable temperatures all year round. Now that the renovation is complete, the restaurant is a wonderful place to frequent once again. Guests can enjoy a warm and welcoming atmosphere, while gourmet chef and owner Werner Rothen can focus on doing what he does best: serving delicious dishes to his guests!

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