Image représentant l'intérieur du bâtiment Raiffeisebank avec du vitrage intelligent SageGlass teinté.
Image représentant l'intérieur du bâtiment Raiffeisenbank avec du vitrage intelligent SageGlass non-teinté.
Image représentant la façade de la Raiffeisenbank, vu de nuit.
Interior of Raiffeisenbank building in Wallisellen. The glass is tinted in Harmony stage.
Interior of Raiffeisenbank building. Tinted in a gradient (Harmony product).
CH Architekten Wallisellen
SageGlass Harmony
Project Size
391 m²


In November 2017, Raiffeisenbank decided to renovate its headquarters located in Wallisellen (Switzerland). Their requirements were very clear: the new building needed to be comfortable and innovative, while embodying the spirit of the firm.

In order to provide a comfortable environment for both clients and employees, the space needed to be flexible to accommodate the varying needs of the occupants. With management focused on innovation and the potential to invest in advanced, future technologies, Raiffeisenbank wanted to ensure that the building’s design would not be outdated in a few years. Finally, the bank wanted the building design to reflect its motto: transparency. In order to achieve this goal, the firm selected an all-glass facade, and the installation of blinds or shades was immediately ruled out as it would obstruct the view of the outside and would ruin the modern and refined aesthetics of the building.



In order to tackle these three objectives, the client selected electrochromic glass, provided by SageGlass. Smart Windows, that tint dynamically in response to the sun and the building occupancy, adapt perfectly for buildings that need to be profitable, comfortable, and adaptable. They maximize daylight while preventing glare and excess heat. With Smart Windows, Raiffeisen Bank was able to ensure ample views of the outdoors and ensure transparency. The management of the daylight also enhances the building’s performance through energy savings by blocking the sun on hot days and harnessing it on cool days in winter.



Thanks to the installation of SageGlass Smart Windows, the design vision for the bank has been brought to life. “The solar as well as thermal protection works as desired and better than hoped” said Roger Felder, Chairman of the Bank Management. Thus, the SageGlass Smart Windows allow the Raiffeisen Bank to build its dream building.