Port Vauban building at sunset.
Port Vauban facade with Harmony glass.
In the Port Vauban building: glass tinted in Harmony states.
In Port Vauban building, glass tinted in Harmony state.
In Port Vauban building, glass tinted in Harmony state.
Vauban 21 and CCI Nice Côte d’Azur
Atelier d’Architecture Philippe Prost
SageGlass Harmony®
Project Size
400 m²
Valentin Napoli

The Challenge

Located between Cannes and Monaco on the Mediterranean coast, Port Vauban in Antibes is endowed with exquisite natural surroundings, primarily due to its proximity to a range of historic monuments.

To return the port to its position as the yachting capital of the Mediterranean, the decision was recently made to renovate quay Camille Rayon, also known as the International Yacht Club of Antibes (IYCA). During the design phase, it was necessary to consider the unity and diversity of the port and the town while bringing together local expertise. To satisfy the discerning clientèle that make use of the port’s high-end services, it was critical to incorporate digital services, state-of-the-art technology and research and development to guide the renovation. Furthermore, a project of this nature demanded the gold standard of environmental responsibility.


The Solution

Project architect, Philippe Prost, knew exactly how to overcome various challenges to create an extraordinary building complete with a helipad, conference spaces, rooftop terraces and even a crew center. All of these amenities come together to ensure that the clientèle enjoy their time at the port. When designing the façade, Prost selected SageGlass smart window to meet the demanding requirements of the project. SageGlass provides a smart, high-end solution that is energy-efficient and integrates with the building management system. It tints and clears according to the weather conditions, guaranteeing superior occupant comfort while maintaining the views of the outside.


The Benefits

A truly high-end solution, SageGlass smart windows offer protection from the Mediterranean heat and prevent glare without impacting the magnificent view of the surroundings. Because dynamic glass eliminates the need for blinds or shades, the building can maintain its modern, clean aesthetic – a critical feature in the luxury sector. SageGlass can block up to 96% of the sun’s heat, thereby helping to optimize the building’s energy efficiency and ensure comfortable temperatures inside. Ultimately, SageGlass provides the ideal solution to meet the requirements of this space, namely comfort, aesthetics and environmental excellence.

This is one of the first SageGlass installations completed alongside Distrisight stakeholders and SPADA Construction. Distrisight has been in a partnership with SageGlass since January 2023 and is the exclusive distributor of SageGlass in France, Portugal and Monaco. SPADA Construction is a company with an extensive history in port construction.