Exterior of the building behind a grass quad with custom smart glass windows.
Glass tinted in light mode, view on the mountains
Dynamic glass tinted in full state, view on the mountain
Hallway in modern glass building with smart glass windows.
View on the mountai, glass tinted in medium state
Schneider Electric
Groupe 6
SageGlass Climaplus Classic
Project Size
450 m²
© Valentin Napoli


Schneider Electric’s new flagship building, IntenCity, needed to showcase the group’s capabilities. A key part of the group’s restructuring of its presence in the Grenoble area, the building’s design was based on three priorities for the company: well-beingdigital energy management and sustainable development. In cutting the number of sites from thirteen to four, the aim of this reorganization was to reduce the business’s energy footprint by limiting the number of trips between sites and, at the same time, promote a collaborative workplace culture. The group also wanted the project to be LEED Platinum-certified, which meant choosing suitable materials and combining them with smart energy management solutions.



Schneider Electric has designed its building to be environmentally friendly and a pleasant working environment for the 1,500 employees working within the Innovation Department on site. To achieve this, the business has adopted a range of new technologies, including the most recent interoperable digital innovations. In addition, two wind turbines and photovoltaic panels are fitted to the roof, making it a net-positive energy building in addition to being energy efficient. Since controlling shade is a key factor in energy management and occupant comfort, the group opted for SageGlass electrochromic glass for the facades of its canteen, “Le Bistro.” Connected to the building management system (BMS), dynamic glass tints or clears automatically depending on temperature and occupancy and adapts perfectly to the Smart Building ecosystem. It controls heat and light with precision whilst keeping the magnificent view of the mountains since no external protection is required. As such, it significantly reduces the energy and maintenance costs of the canteen while creating a pleasant environment for employees to dine in.



Thanks to the installation of SageGlass glazing on the canteen facade, Schneider Electric employees are protected from heat and glare, thus affording them a sense of well-being. Saint-Gobain electrochromic glass maintains a comfortable temperature in all seasons, is energy efficient and sustainable. It provides a direct connection to the natural environment with an unobstructed view of the mountains, which boosts the mood of employees. In addition, IntenCity is in the process of obtaining “LEED Platinum” environmental certification and could become the world’s greenest building.


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