Building in the city with smart glass windows.
Life City
Stockholm, Sweden
Exterior of the building behind a grass quad with custom smart glass windows.
Grenoble, France
1K1 Exterior photos of SageGlass Harmony
Pennsylvania, USA
Exterior of unique building with custom smart glass windows.
Dübendorf, Switzerland
Exterior of brick building with smart glass windows overlooking a street with lamp posts.
Ruselokka School
Oslo, Norway
Exterior of industrial Ferrari building with custom smart glass windows.
Serliana Car Hotel
Wallisellen, Switzerland
Exterior of Schiffbau building with custom rounded smart glass windows.
Rooftop Bar in Schiffbau
Zurich, Switzerland
Otto Fuchs
Meinerzhagen, Germany
Building facade with smart windows from left to right on a brick building with snow in the background.
Flims Electric
Flims, Switzerland

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