Building Interior of luxury store with floor to ceiling smart glass windows.
Modissa AG
Steiger Concept
SageGlass® Climaplus Bronze
Project Size
2,210 ft² / 205 m²
© Adrien Barakat

SageGlass® enables a luxury store in an historic building to achieve modern energy standards

The commercial building hosting the Swiss fashion clothing retailer Modissa was created by the architect Werner Gantenbein and opened to the public in 1975. At the time of its official unveiling, its dark bronze bent metal facade was incredibly futuristic. In 2013, it received an award from officials of the city and has since been classified as a protected monument.


Upgrading an historic building

Modissa wanted to renovate its flagship store to improve the energy standards of the 40 year-old building and enhance the shopping experience for customers by optimising daylight and providing constant outdoor views.

Since the store is a protected building in a historic district, it was mandatory to preserve the building’s glass façade – no visual change of the existing bronze glass colour was permitted – whilst the glass also needed to combat against the store’s solar control challenges and risk of fading damage on the clothes.


SageGlass®, optimising daylight and customised to the client’s needs

SageGlass® was specifically chosen for this challenging project because we could design a tailor-made solution, with a very innovative product.

A bespoke product has been specially developed for this particular assignment, so that it perfectly matches the bronze colour of the previous glass. Live tests have been conducted on the façade to compare the two.

The customisation continued after the installation of the 186 m2 of electronically tintable glass. Modissa requested the development of a new level of tint, which perfectly fulfills the requirements this outstanding retail environment.


Greater energy savings and an enhanced shopping experience thanks to SageGlass®

As a result of the installation of SageGlass®, the need for interior and exterior sun shading and bulky glare protection has been totally eliminated, and an enhanced shopping experience for Modissa customers has been created.

SageGlass® also provides the store with efficient UV protection to prevent fading damage to its inventory, furnishings and flooring. By limiting overheating and letting daylight in, it enables air conditioning use to be minimised and creates a welcoming environment for shoppers.