Building in the city with smart glass windows.
An exterior view of the LifeCity building that has multiple stories and a highway of cars going under it.
Atrium Ljungberg
Gatun Arkitekter and ON Arkitekter
SageGlass Classic
Project Size
9687 ft² / 900 m²
December 2021

The Challenge

Atrium Ljungberg’s new building, Life City, is one of Stockholm’s greatest urban development projects. Located in Hagastaden’s emerging life science cluster, Life City sits above E4—a road where about 180,000 commuters drive each day. Atrium Ljungberg’s aim was to build a center for business development and services related to healthcare and research in a dynamic area concentrated with talent. It wanted to create a sustainable meeting place that offers different types of working environments and the best conditions for innovation and collaboration.


The Solution

Atrium Ljungberg worked with ON Arkitekter and Gatun Arkitekter architecture firm. The latter designed the innovative building’s facade to create a comfortable and bright place to work. The facade is made of sparkling metal, creating a play of light depending on the sun’s position. The metal grids protect occupants from the sun while creating a distinctive appearance. The central part of the roof is made out of SageGlass smart glass. The electrochromic glass darkens and clears in response to the sun to allow natural daylight to penetrate the building while reducing energy consumption and providing extra comfort.  


The Benefits

With SageGlass smart glass on the skylight, the building offers uninterrupted access to natural daylight and views of the sky, while minimizing heat and glare. SageGlass automatically tints depending on the sun’s position and intensity. Thus, it reduces the cooling loads and limits overheating, which otherwise would be very high with such a large glass roof. The building has been designed with high environmental ambitions and has achieved the BREEAM Excellent certification.

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