Dining tables in a room with custom smart glass windows overlooking mountain range.
Sibylle Hauser
Johannes Leibundgut, OLBH Office Leibundgut Bühler Hartmann, Zurich
SageGlass Classic TGU

The Challenge

This historic restaurant opened in 1888 as the “Waldschenke auf der Hochwacht” and underwent several phases of expansion. Significant parts of the building date back to 1895 and, in addition to the restaurant, once comprised the landlord’s quarters and a barn for small livestock. In the intervening years, the restaurant became a little outdated. The owner decided to renovate to bring it up to date with current energy standards and cater to today’s day-trippers. As the “Hochwacht” lies outside the building zone, the upgrade wasn’t a walk in the park. The building’s structure also threw in a few surprises.


The Solution

The renovation involved dismantling and removing the cable car station, which was no longer in use. The tower’s original silhouette became the focal point once again, enhancing the look of the garden seating area with the well-proportioned geometry between the trees and the building’s facade. The restaurant’s windows were fitted with SageGlass Classic triple glazing. The smart glass reacts dynamically to the weather. Depending on the time of day and amount of sunlight, the glazing tints to different levels to prevent glare and reduce heat. The lighting is also adapted to the windows to help save energy.


The Benefits

The restaurant — a popular spot for day-trippers — re-opened in spring 2020 after four years of extensive refurbishment and renovation. The “Hochwacht” is the perfect place for hikers and bikers to take a break on sunny days. If it’s too hot out on the garden terrace, they can enjoy magnificent unrestricted views of the Alps, Zurich and Lake Zurich, the Black Forest and the Vosges inside the cool restaurant, shielded from the sun’s glare. Owner Sibylle Hauser is delighted with SageGlass: “Guests don’t even notice the shade and they get to enjoy the wonderful view. It’s fantastic!”

We even adapted the lighting to the glazing. The result is that guests don’t even notice the shade and they get to enjoy the wonderful view. It’s fantastic!
Sibylle Hauser
Lägern Hochwacht Restaurant